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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Never, Ever, EVER!

There are not that many things that I am scared of in this world, I think I am a pretty adventurous person. However, there are a few things that really freak me out. My biggies are flying, (my closest to a phobia), sharks, lightning, crossing bridges, and motorcycles. I know that the fear I feel for these things is completely irrational. I know the chances of getting struck by lightening are astronomical and being in a plane accident is like one in a gazillion. And that a bridge collapsing would like never happen. But, none the less, these things cause me great anxiety. I mean I literally work up a sweat every time we cross the bay bridge. What's weird is I would not have a problem at all bungee jumping off a bridge, or sky diving from a plane...I love adrenaline rushes.

My irrational fear of motor cycles is stemmed from an article I read one time, about how if you own a motor cycle, you are 99 percent likely to eventually be in an accident. Hello...that means if you own one, you are guaranteed to crash. This fear has never been that big of a deal...I've just always said there is no way we would ever own a motorcycle. Over the years, people have told me I am pretty silly for feeling this way, and I know when I have quoted the article statistics people have questioned my information. This summer though, I have to say my "irrational fear" of motorcycles has become very real. My Uncle David was in a very serious motorcycle accident this summer...his foot was almost completely severed. He's had to go through a ton of rehab, and was in the hospital for a month, thankfully he is doing really well, and his foot was able to be saved. Sadly, I found out this morning, that my mom's cousin Butch was not as fortunate as my uncle. He was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday. I have not seen him in years, but I remember him from Christmas Eve's at my Aunt Peggy's house and I always thought he was so cool. I was very saddened to hear about this and feel so bad for his family.
I can't imagine loosing someone that way. So unexpectedly. Both of the accidents were caused by other careless drivers. I know that we all take risks every day that we don't even think about...driving, crossing the street, swimming in a pool, however I am more positive than ever that no one in my family will ever be allowed to own a motorcycle. You are so unprotected and at the mercy of drivers who just don't see you. My love goes to Butch's family.

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Thibodeau fam said...

I am with you on the motorcycle thing...I am so paranoid.
Sorry to hear about you uncle!