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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something New

I discovered this blog today...Today Is Fun. It has great posts and ideas on how to keep a kid happy. So creative!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tips For Nuts

Cyndi sent me this blog link for Tip Nut some time ago and I LOVE IT! This newest entry has to be the tippiest tip by far, though. I am always, ALWAYS desperate for organizing ideas.


The first organizing idea is my favorite. You could make covers for the bins to match your decor in any bedroom, living room, laundry room, etc. And I know you can get those plastic bins at dollar stores. So...voila--tres cheap decorating and storage idea!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool Beans!

In the mix of my hectic day....a messy house...loads of dishes and laundry...a doctor's appointment, Emily's first ear infection, a surprise visit from a friend, and a trip to the park, I noticed a few really cool things.

The winter flower box I planted. The flowers on the left are closed until late morning, and when they open they are bright blue. Brilliantly cool!

The way the light was coming in through the "church" window on the landing of our stairs. Righteously cool.

The way Dallin set up his robot collection on his dresser. Technically cool.

The water sparkles on the wall made by the very nifty bedside pitcher that my friend Ethel gave me....the glass fits inside the top of the pitcher, like a lid. Refreshingly cool.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Soooo.....with the economy woes, and what nots, the car business has been in the dumps. Which, unfortunately effects yours truly. So I've been racking my brain trying to come up with ideas of how I can help out my family so we don't end up in the poor house. (exaggeration not as big as I wish it was).

Here's one idea...have any of you talented blog readers had any experience with this....?

My sister Cyndi's friend Channon does Heritage Makers....evidently it is huge out west, but VERY new on the eastern front. In fact, she is the only active consultant in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area.
I have tried other "stay at home-mom" style businesses before, and have always been disappointed, and have actually sworn them off. However, this sounds like a lot of fun. I LOVE PICTURES...and I LOVE WRITING, and I LOVE PEOPLE....
Channon made a book for my niece Claire a few years ago, and I was very impressed with it, and it would be TONS of fun to do things like that.
So what do you think...am I crazy? Any of you westerners ever heard of it??? Do you like it???

p.s. don't worry if I join, I won't push any of you into any uncomfortable "will you have a show for me" moments....I'll set up a separate blog for that...tee hee!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nursing Blues

Emily thinks she is done nursing. I always have this problem...I introduce solids and my milk producing mechanisms instantly think they are allowed to go on strike. Emily has been so grumpy and so hungry that I ended up giving her a bottle of formula and of course SHE LOVED IT! So....I think I may be done nursing too....which is unbelievably depressing...she is my last baby and I wanted to nurse forever. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"I Did It Mommy!"

Little Girls and Shoes....nothing more fun.

Audrey is passing along her obsession with shoes!
Mickey Mouse Crocs...no less!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Haven't Mentioned My Fifth Kid in a While!

Emily is almost seven months!

Here is what she is up to:
  • Rolling all over the place!
  • Scooting on her tummy and almost crawling!
  • Second tooth coming in!
  • Sleeps 12 hours a night!
  • Loves all her sister's and brother...to death...they make her so happy!
  • Still, not the happiest baby...fuses more than any of my others, and does not like to be left a lone for one minute! (Not that I'm complaining...just an observation).

School Pics

Here are a few pictures from first day of school...not the greatest. Dallin had "issues" with smiling:) In retrospect...maybe I should not have taken pictures with them facing the sun...duhhh. Poor Anna could not stop squinting.

Maybe I Should Too!

So I started reading the two greatest blogs a while ago...CJane Enjoy it, and Nie Nie Dialogues. I think I discovered them by clicking on a link from a friend's blog...maybe you Natalie??? I've been hooked ever since.

"Nie" is an avid vegetarian, she always lists the best recipes. C Jane is her sister and I just love her blog...it's full of humor, spirit, and she always writes in a way that really inspires me to be a better mom/person. I thought I would share these posts from their blogs...I want to eat just like Nie....the food just looks so beautiful and yummy and soooo good for you. I could be a vegetarian...meat isn't "all that" And maybe....I just will:) Hah Hah...If only I could convince my husband!

I love how C Jane likens her sister's way of life to the word of wisdom... I know I'm supposed to eat that way...and have thought a million times over that I live every part of the word of wisdom...except, the parts about how I should be eating...hmmmm, I needed a wake up call!



Side note: Sadly...a few weeks ago Nie Nie was in a serious plane crash with her husband...they are both in critical condition... Cjane talks about it in her post. I've been so inspired reading about their story and the way their family has dealth with such an enormous tradedy.