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Friday, February 13, 2009


Dallin asked me to make his hair "SPIKY" today....

I obliged!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Am Expanding (not physically, well at least that's not what I'm talking about here).

I have two blogs now! Aren't ya jealous????


My Conundrum

People who are mean. Why? What is the purpose? Why not be happy? Why not love everybody? Why not forgive?

It seems so simple.

Valentines Day is Saturday!

Let's make Heart Day....a CHANGE OF HEART DAY!

Love... Care... Share... Forgive.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Five Car Pile Up

I was in a car accident yesterday.

Not to worry....Me, Audrey, and Emily are all perfectly fine. We went to the hospital and we were cleared, no problem. Car is not too bad, bumper is messed up, brakes are iffy, but other than that we made out way better than the other four cars. Our car was the only car that was able to drive away, and me and the two girls were the only ones that were not taken away in an ambulance. The cops did tell me at the hospital that the other people involved were going to be okay...thank goodness!

The whole thing was pretty scary. Sadly, I think I will be scarred for life.


Not scarred from the horrible crashing noises, I heard.
Not scarred from the pieces of metal flying everywhere.
Not scarred from the guy that actually hit me who tried to speed away.
Not scarred from the screams of my kids in the back.

I am scarred because of my zit.

I woke up yesterday with the biggest zit I have ever had in the middle of my forehead. No kidding it was HUGE. It was like I was in middle school all over again. I have not had a zit like this in YEARS.

The scarring began when the paramedics came running up to me after the accident:

Them: "Mam, Mam are you okay??? Did you hit your head hit?" (all eyes on my forehead).
Me: "No, No, I'm fine it's just a ZIT."

Next, police officers...

Them: "Mam, Mam are you okay??? Did you hit your head?" (all eyes on my forehead).
Me: "No, No, it's just a ZIT."

When Jeff got there....

My loving husband: "Honey are you okay...Did you hit your head???" (his eyes on my forehead).
Me: "No, Jeff it's just a ZIT!

Checking in at the hospital....

Nurses: "Mam, were you in the five car pile up?? Oh my, Did you hit your head?"
(all eyes on my forehead).
Me: "No, No, it's just a ZIT."

In the Hospital Room....

Doctor: "Wow, Did you hit your head?" (his eyes on my forehead).
Me: "No, No, it's just a ZIT." ( I think I was crying a little at this point).

Picking up kids from my parents house...

Parents: "We were so worried, oh, Nicole did you hit your head?" (eyes move to my forehead).
Me...."For the love of MONKEYS people....It is a freaking zit, a ZIT!!! AHHHHHHHH"

A zit, how lovely, what a perfect day to revert to early adolescence.