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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Niagra Falls

Top of the American falls, you could actually feel the power and energy coming off the falls!
All of us at the falls, being blown away by the scenery and the wind!
That be Canada across the way!
At the bottom...it was so windy and there was so much water, you could barely see!
Anna, under a rainbow.

Frame House

I really loved seeing this house. Alvin Smith helped build this home for the Smith Family.

This is one of the places Joseph had to hide the Golden Plates.

During this time houses were taxed by how many windows it had. So to make the most of one window they would put the window in between two rooms/divided by a wall, so they could have a light on both sides. We thought this was really cool!

Sacred Grove

Replica of Home the Smith's lived in when Joseph Recieved the First Vision
Room where Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith
Sacred Grove
Path to Sacred Grove...Look at the colors on that tree...it was breathtaking!
Audrey in Dallin's sweat shirt in Sacred Grove

Hill Cummorah

Anna reading about Joseph Smith recieving the Golden Plates
Kids running up Hill Cummorah...It was really big!
Angel Moroni Memorial

View from tip of hill.

Palmyra Temple

Busy, Busy, Busy

Over the last week or two we have been going non-stop. Today, things seem a little slower so I thought I would update my blog. Jeff has been bugging me to post about our trip to New York and get some pics up...so here you go Jeff.
Two weekends ago we decided...very last minute, to take a trip to Palmyra, NY. The kids had a four day weekend and we thought it would be fun to get away. We had a blast! We left around 3pm and did not get to Palmyra until 2 in the morning. It was only supposed to be an eight hour drive, but with all the stopping for my teeny, tiny pregnant bladder, hungry kids, and traffic it took an extra 3 hours...Oh well. Jeff and I had never been to see the church sites, and we really wanted the kids to see them. It was so beautiful. Fall colors were everywhere! I was so excited to go to Hill Cummorah and to the Sacred Grove. Anna said it was the best vacation she had ever been on. She really soaked up the history. We got to see some friends that moved to Palmyra last year which was really nice. And we also went to Niagra Falls! Wow! So beautiful. The movies and pictures you see do not really do them justice. Being there in person was so much fun. The weather was beautiful and we got a really great deal on the hotel we stayed in. It was just around the block from the Sacred Grove. We did not get home until late Monday night. It was just a perfect weekend. I really couldn't have picked a better place to be with my family, then where the history of our church began. I have a ton of pictures to share!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where Is Fall?

Fall is refusing to make it's presence known here on the Eastern Shores of Maryland. It is supposed to be in the 80's all week! What the heck??? I LOVE FALL. I am ready for jeans, and sweaters and jackets, and frost on the lawn. It has been so dry that the leaves are just dying and falling off...no beautiful fall foliage, no crisp fall mornings, no fall at all! If this weather keeps up my kids will be roasting to death on Halloween. I have a very warm costume for Miss Audrey.

Speaking of Audrey, she is in a stinky mood this morning. She actually yelled at me. I am not sure what she said exactly but it went something like this... "No Mommy, I do not want to get out of the bath...NO MOMMY, NO!" Then she attempted to hit me, which was pretty cute, and I had to try very hard not to laugh.

We had another open house this weekend. It went much better. There were actual lookers this time. But it does not seem to be anything promising. I think we will give it a another week or so, and then seriously start thinking about an addition to the house.

Jeff and I picked a name for the baby. It was a pretty easy decision. I think Jeff is so sick of girls he would be happy with Bertha, but of course I had to come up with a name that fit perfectly along side, Anna, Elizabeth, and Audrey...so the obvious choice was Emily! I have always loved that name. I never meant to be one of those mom's who had a theme with baby names, but it seems my girls are only allowed to start with A's or E's. Jeff isn't really sick of girls, I think he is getting used to the idea, and I am actually pretty excited. Isn't that beautiful...Emily, now we just have to come up with a middle name. I like Emily Sophia...any suggestions???

Thursday, October 04, 2007

And The Winner Is...

A Girl! Another Girl. That makes FOUR!!!!(just in case you have lost count). I am happy...truly I am. A girl will be wonderful for Audrey, they will be best friends for life and share clothes, and rooms, and toys, and secrets, and...boys. Dallin will have more brothers some day...they will just have to find there way into our family through marriage, that's all.

Monday, October 01, 2007

First Tooth

Elizabeth lost her first tooth last week...and she is about to loose one of her front teeth. She was very excited. The weird thing is that she hadn't even told us she had a loose tooth. She lost it at school.

Anna started playing the violin in school, she really loves it and practices twinkle twinkle little star at least 100 times a day. All three older kids are playing soccer, which I love. I get such a kick out of the competitiveness. I probably scream a little too loud at their games.

Things have felt slow around here. I have had some kind of yucky bug and I haven't had energy to do as much. Audrey has been sick too with a sinus infection and ear infection. She seems to be getting better, but not me. I feel exactly the same, maybe even a little yuckier today.
I am really feeling pregnant lately. I am getting fatter by the second, which is hard...but I know it it is for a worthy cause. I am also feeling the baby move now, which is so exciting. I am 21 weeks pregnant this week and on Thursday I am having my ultra sound. So hopefully the next time I post it will be with the news that I am having a ?????

Her are some recent pics of the kids. Dallin asked if I would take a Picture of him in his suit and I tried to get one of Elizabeth's missing tooth. The last one of Audrey is a sad, sad sick picture...but so cute!