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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I would like to thank the "ACADEMY" for all of their support and advise during my creative process. Special Thanks goes to my roommate from Ricks: Leslie Mingo who posted a blog in my honor: http://mingofamily.blogspot.com/2008/12/pottery-barn-knock-off.html
Also a special thanks to Natalie who told me to throw some silver or gold into the mix. I'm still not sure about the tall flowers, but that's all I got to work with this year....I'll perfect it next year. Also...stocking are in the works...I'm making new ones.


I tried.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Moving On

Is everyone done there Christmas Decorating? I am just getting going. Decorating is not one of my strong points. I wish I could just open a Pottery Barn Catalog, twitchle my nose, blink my eyes, and POOF my house would look like designer Christmas wonderland.

This is my first year I have a fireplace. I was very excited to have a "Christmas" mantle. I like the rustic-country Christmas look. I do not think I have succeeded...any suggestions? What am I missing? It looks so bare. In person the red in the candles is a deeper, closer to burgundy color. And there is a super cute pine cone garland wrapped around the candles. Are the tall flowers stupid? Help!

Heritage Makers 411

So what is Heritage Makers exactly you ask?

Check out this website:

What I am most excited about is how much this is going to benefit me and my family. Family history is very important to me. However, I have never been diligent about journaling or scrapbooking. Most of my pictures are taking up memory on my hard drive or are in a box shoved up on a shelf. Digital Scrapbooking and Storybooking is exactly what I need! I cannot wait to get a book together about my family! So...that's the main reason I am doing this, to put my memories in a place that is safe, creative, and where I can share it with family for years to come.

I have been thinking I will probably set up a separate blog for posts about Heritage Makers. I'll post a link when I get it set up.

This is something I have thought long and hard about. I knew I needed to do something to contribute. How perfect is it that I will get to have fun at the same time? Since it is not plausible to work a regular job with five kids at home this is definitely the best alternative for me!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Going For It.

Desperation? Maybe....
Excitement? Perhaps....
Extra Money? Hopefully....
Change Of Pace?

I decided to become a Heritage Makers Consultant. Details forth coming.