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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Writer's Block

I feel like I have been slacking on my blogging lately. I have nothing witty, punny, or original to share. The world is in a slump...and so am I. Blahhhhh.

So here is some random, non-witty, non-punny, non original thoughts.

Birthday's are over. Dallin turned 6 today. Which really blows me away. I cannot get over how big he is, and how much he is turning into an amazing little person. He says the funniest things.
For example. Yesterday Jeff took Elizabeth and Dallin to school. As he was about to drop them off, Jeff get's a call from me, informing him that Dallin has forgotten his backpack. Dallin's response..."I did not know that." Oh my gosh that cracked me up....you have to picture him saying it in a totally Saturday Night Live kinda way. What was really funny was that if this was Elizabeth who had forgotten her backpack she would have completely freaked out...."OH NO! I'm going to be in so much trouble, I don't have my homework, I don't have my lunch....LIFE IS OVER." Followed by a down pour of tears. Not Dallin. He was like "Whatever." Dallin has really been excelling in school. His memory astounds me, he can look at something once and have it completely memorized.

As I mentioned above Elizabeth is our dramatic child. Every thing that happens is 1,000,000 times worse when it happens to her. She is hilarious. It is hard to believe she is seven years old. And will be getting baptized next year. She has become such a compasionate and caring little girl. She would do anything for her little sister's and she is constantly trying to help me out. She LOVES to put Aurdrey to bed for me, and begs me all the time to let her tuck the babies in!

My mom had a second interview for a job today and it looks very promising! Yay! Maybe we won't loose our Adkin's Road house after all. Another Yay...my dad got approved for his disability!

I was released from Young Women on Sunday....sigh. It was time. I have been in the Young Women for almost six years in this ward. I have had almost every single calling. 1st counselor, 2nd counselor, beehive advisor, miamaid advisor, camp director, stake camp level leader, personal progress leader. Not to mention I have been in Young Women in all my other wards since Jeff and I were married almost 14 years ago. My new calling, Nursery Leader. Woo Hoo! At least I have some experience in this area.

I am really ticked off that we have not had any good spring weather. It has been cold, I want to get out of my house with the kids. I want to work in the yard. I want to turn off my soul sucking HEAT!

Jeff is officially a business owner. He is starting his own little business on the side. "Eastern Shore Computer Repair." It is an after hours computer repair thing. He is really excited. He got his tax id...he got a new phone for it, and there will be an ad in the phone book...exciting!

I started babysitting my niece Dana. It has been really good. Good for me, Good for Kym, Good for Dana, Good for Audrey. And...I get a little money that I am putting towards my college weekend at the end of May that I am totally stoked about! My roommates, Leslie, and Jannea are flying here from out west and we are staying in Ocean City for five days! We have not all been together in over 15 years! I am sooooooooo excited.

I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant now. Ugh. I have had a lot of morning (actually more like evening) sickness. And I am SOOOOOOOO VERY TIRED! Did I tell everyone that my due date is October 26th. That is per my calculations...my first doctor appointment is not until April 16th. I changed doctors, which I am really excited about. I won't have to see 6 different doctors, just one! Yay!

Okay, I'm done. That is all. No more thoughts are left in my head.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


One of our favorite past times is sitting down with the kiddo's and watching Mythbusters. I love that it is a show we all agree is wicked cool, not to mention educational too!

Well, I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a birthday party theme I could use for both Elizabeth and Dallin. Not to girly, not to boyish. Every once in a while my brain works better than normal and a strike of genius hit me today. How cool would a Mythbuster's party be?????

It should be a blast....hee hee. No pun intended, Jeff has agreed to do the mento's and soda bottle experiment.

Some of my idea's for myth busting so far:
Eating Pop Rock's and soda will make your stomach explode.
Putting a Jaw Breaker in the Microwave will make it explode. (We have an old Microwave in the basement we don't use).
A lemon can run an alarm clock.

I need a few more kid friendly, and cost friendly idea's. I was thinking I could do some basic science experiments too...like making homemade gak...and then sending it home as a party favor. Do you have any idea's???

Monday, March 02, 2009

March Madness

It is upon us again. The March Birthday season.

Aunt Kym-21st.
Nana Clark-23rd.

At least #6 won't be in March.

Oh, did I mention I'm pregnant again??????

Due Date: October 26th-ish.

(And yes, for those of you with good memories...Jeff DID have a vasectomy).