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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Our crazy birthday month has begun. Jeff's was the 6th, Elizabeth's the 14th and Dallin is the 24th. But first....

Emily turned 3 last month! She was sick, like she always is. But we had fun anyways and had a few friends come over to help celebrate.

She did not want to be born on Valentine's Day, (12:03am on the 15th) but I wanted her to have at least one Valentine Birthday! It was a "love bug" theme!

I love this picture! They were "flinging" bugs, to see whose would stick the longest on the window!

We love Emily for being such an individual. There is nothing you can say to make her change her mind. She is hilarious and smart and LOVES being a big sister Maddie. I think my favorite thing about Emily is her very, very deep voice that crackles when she sings.
(Imagine an old lady who smokes, for real!)
I cannot wait to watch her grow into this personality of hers!!!!