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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Can you smell Thanksgiving in the air? I can. I am pretty sure that the neighbors are baking pies and my tummy is rumbling.

We are going to Ben and Cyndi's for Thanksgiving this year. My mom and Dad, Kym, Marshall and Dana are all coming too! It will be the first time we have all been together for Thanksgiving in forever! And I am super excited.

Cyndi and Ben are making their famous Alton Brown turkey that they brine in a bucket of salt water, and spices over night. I haven't had it yet, and I cannot wait. It is supposed to be the juiciest, tastiest, most tender turkey ever! Cyndi is also making her homemade rolls, which are absolutely divine. Kym is in charge of pies: Pumpkin, Apple, Frozen Chocolate, and a Turtle Pumpkin (can you say yum?). My mom, of course is in charge of the best part of Thanksgiving...her glorious stuffing. I mean it, it's glorious. I could eat it by the bucket full.
I am doing potatoes, veggies, and one of our new favorites...cranberry mousse. (Light, airy, fluffiness that is to die for!)

I am salivating just thinking of all the ways I get to stuff myself tomorrow. Does anyone have special recipes they are looking forward to?

Side note: Jeff told me this morning if I want to work off all the calories that I will ingest on Thanksgiving I would need to run for 20 miles, without stopping.

Calories, shmalories. I am certainly not going to worry about it. Eating is what I do best, I would not want to disappoint anyone.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Starting Over

For the last six months I have been walking every morning. I get up at 5:00am and walk with my friend...we do about 3 miles. It was good to get out and get some kind of exercise but lately I have really been wanting to get back to the gym. I have missed doing a work out that really gets my heart rate going. Yesterday was my first day back. I probably should have started out with something a little bit less intense. I did a kickboxing class. OH MY! I cannot move this morning. Every muscle in my body is ON FIRE! I have to say though, it felt awesome to work hard, and push my body. So, hopefully by 9:00am I will have convinced myself that the pain is worth it and I am excited to be back at the gym!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Does anyone remember Tretorn shoes? They were WAY cool when I was in high school, and apparently they still are. I want a pair!
Check em' out!


I should have mentioned that the white substance in the pictures below is baking soda (for laundry) and that Kym and I were literally only five feet away from the girls...how did we miss this disaster in the works? Kym was alerted by weird swishing sounds (girls swimming in baking soda). Oh! And the pictures are a little blurry because there was a cloud of baking soda hanging in the air. Kym and I will probably be tasting baking soda for the next couple of days!

Goes With The Terriritory!

I've come to accept that Two Year Old's are mischievous. But, a couple of Two Year Old Cousins...TOGETHER.... are down right

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Been a Bit

Here are some long-over-due Halloween pictures. Dallin, Elizabeth, and Anna used costumes from previous years, and Audrey was a butterfly fairy-princess.