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Thursday, August 21, 2008

End of Summer Report

So, I thought I would report back to everyone since summer is almost over and let ya know how my first summer with five kids ended up turning out.

I had some hits and some misses. It definitely did not go as perfectly as I had imagined, but it was a huge improvement over summer's past..

Some of the big successes were the cameras...the kids loved this. I am planning on posting some of their cute pics. They loved the summer journals, although they did not keep up with them as much as they wanted, they still loved writing "summer goals" and were good about journaling on the big activities. We had fun making bags for them and t-shirts. The girls were able to make some cute jewelry and we made puppets. One of the big hits was when we made homemade watermelon and lemon Italian Ice....so yummy! Anna learned how to cook a whole bunch of stuff...mac and cheese, muffins, grilled cheese, eggs.
We did not get to go on as many outings as I had hoped, but we definitely hit the beach and library a couple of times. We got to visit family and go to quite a few amusement parks, which is always a hit!
There were a only a few things I wish I would have been better about. School work...we did a lot of hooked on phonics and reading but that's about it. We had lots of lazy days but who cares...it's summer "break" right? No TV was hard...they watched more, and played more video games than I had planned.
All, in all, I think they had a fun summer, and I am considering it a success. Although, the last month has been pretty much a wash since I broke my foot...oh well, I have many, many more summer vacations to perfect.


Carri said...

I think you have done exceptionally well this summer with the kids. The only down part was your foot--you big klutz.

Thibodeau fam said...

You seem like you really spend quility time with your kids. They are so lucky to have a Mom like you.

Nicole said...

Natalie....I spend quality time with my kids because I read blogs like yours that inspire me and want me to be a better mom!

jenny said...

Great job! You did much better than I did...