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Monday, March 29, 2010

Loosing My Mind???

I think I am going to apply for an early retirement. Is that allowed? My kids don't really need a mommy for 18 more years, do they?

Every once in a while I want to tally up all the craziness that has plagued us since Madeline was born. But really, who is counting? Okay, maybe me, maybe a little. A friend of mine just e-mailed me and said "Life will get better and the medical thing will hopefully only be this years struggle and not next years too." Amen sister! I have not been able to say "At least we have our health" once this year! I suppose I have other "at least's." Like... "At least we have a roof over our heads" and "At least we have food on the table."

Our latest crazy....Emily had a seizure on Saturday. They are not sure why yet. A ct-scan was done and now they want a lot more tests. We are waiting to hear from the pediatric neurologist at John Hopkins. She has been perfectly fine since the seizure and I guess now it is just a matter of waiting. It weirded me out pretty good, you never expect to witness something like that. Life is never what you expect I suppose. We are feeling pretty positive about the whole thing, and know in our hearts she is going to be just fine. It is Emily after all. She is absolutely one of the the most stubborn human beings I have ever met. She will NOT let anything get in her way!!!

What I have learned through all this is something I have always known...family comes first, family is everything. In the midst of our crazy weekend we were able to attend an amazing church conference for the young women, which featured (for a few seconds) my niece Elise....

http://www.lds.org/broadcast/gywm/0,7726,2298,00.html (You have to listen to President Uchtdorf's talk! It might be my favorite General Authority talk of all time! You can see Elise during the video clip parts).

I went with my mom, Cyndi, Elise and Anna. Anna is not 12 yet, but seeing her among other young woman made my heart burst with love and anticipation. It is so exciting to think she will be in Young Women in a matter of months.

The love continued on Sunday when we celebrated with family and dear friends Elizabeth's baptism. It was a beautiful day! The girls sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me." And Uncle Ben gave a talk on baptism. Our friend's little girl, Camarie Dover was baptized as well, which made it extra special for Elizabeth. Such beautiful girls, such a beautiful decision. I felt very honored to be her mommy and proud of her commitment. It was a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect weekend. So I guess I am not ready for retirement after all....

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Watching the Food Network while eating hospital food DOES NOT make it taste any better.

Broken Record

Maddie is in the hospital again. It's not RSV, It's not H1N1. They are not sure what it is????
She is just miserable. A fever over 102 for 6 days now. The IV antibiotics seem to be doing the trick though. Her fever is FINALLY down. Now if we can get her to sleep, she just cries and cries. Hopefully we will know more in the morning and she will not have to stay long.

One positive...the nurses all knew her little face by name. They are all so sweet. There is this one nurse from last time, Christy. She is a blond little thing from Georgia, and calls Madeline, "Maddie Girl" in this perfect southern accent. I love her, and would bring her home with me if I was allowed. She is such a good nurse!

One negative...the glaring, harsh, hospital lights have made me realize that I quite possibly have the ugliest hands EVER. They are uglier than my 90 year old Grandmothers...

Does anyone else try and find things to laugh about when all you really want to do is cry???

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Like It Hot

Did I tell you we ALL had a stomach flu last week? Have I mentioned that we are sick AGAIN. Not a stomach flu, something else. Coughing, sneezing, snot, high fevers.
Today Emily has a fever of 102.4. Audrey has a fever of 103.2, and Madeline has a fever of 102.1.
And my body temp is 104. Nope, not a fever, not yet...just roasting while ALL three girls lay on me. Sigh.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Elizabeth turned eight yesterday. Unbelievable! She is being baptized on March 28th and is so excited. We love Elizabeth for so many reasons.

When Elizabeth was born Jeff and I were so...relieved. It was a difficult pregnancy, which resulted in bed rest for me. The hardest part was the waiting, after a late-term miscarriage the year before, we had been on pins and needles the entire 9 months. Elizabeth Kathleen entered the world with a load of hair, big blue eyes and PERFECT eyebrows. Anna was so proud to be a big sister, and was instantly in love.

Elizabeth has never been a patient person, which I suppose she gets from me. But I really blame it on Dallin. When she was four months old she, I am sure, KNEW there would soon be a little brother to keep her company. They had a plan, they did NOT want to be without each other for very long. I can just picture them plotting in Heaven, Dallin promising her he would not be far behind.

Before Elizabeth was born I had always planned on calling her "Beth" but boy was I wrong. She has never been a Beth. She is Elizabeth, through and through. Although, every once in a while we use her Uncle Marshall's nickname for her..."Lizard Bath".

One of my favorite things about Elizabeth is that she says what she thinks no matter what. There is no beating around the bush with her or second guessing her. If she doesn't like something she lets you know. We always know how Elizabeth feels! She loves all things girly, especially clothes. She would wear a dress every second of her life if I let her.

For her birthday Jeff and I took her on a mommy-daddy date to see Alice in 3D and out to dinner. She wanted seafood and got to have her first taste of Lobster!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! We LOVE you!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Flash Back--Happy New Years

So I figured I would go backwards with my...
"Rogers' Year In Review"
Gotta start somewhere.