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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So NOT ready for this....

I picked up Anna from school today and asked her how her day went...this is what she told me.

"Well, it was kind of a hard day. This boy Austin asked me to go out with him. But I told him "no" cuz he broke up with my friend Chelsey today, just to go out with me. I would never go out with a boy who just broke up with my friend. Everyone took sides, but I refused to take a side, or get in the middle of it, so I just read my book at recess. A lot of boys have asked me out lately, but everyone knows I don't date...geez!"

Oh my! She is only in FIFTH grade, what will I do when she gets to high school?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's up Pussy Cat...woooawhoooawhhooo o.

It's been a bit, I know. May is always a hectic month. School is crazy with the offspring. Field trips, concerts, field days, oh my!
Everyone I know has spring fever. Summer break is less than a month away and my kids are itching to be done with school. Even Audrey and Emily are antsy. I am a little antsy myself!

Our ward split a few weeks ago...which was HUGE news. As you can imagine, church has been a little chaotic. Jeff was called as ward clerk, along with a whole new bishopric. We are apart of the Salisbury 1st Ward now. All I can say is WOW...ward clerk has soooo much more responsibilities than I realized. Jeff is gone quite a bit with meetings and training. And with it being a new ward there is a ton for him to do. It is very exciting though, and we are thrilled that the church is thriving here on the Eastern Shore! I am callingless as of yet. But I know that will not last long.

Next week my roommates from when I was at Ricks College are flying here so we can have a reunion! I'm soooo excited. They get here on Wednesday and we are going to stay in D.C. the first night. Then we are heading up to Ocean City to hang out at my Aunt's condo and enjoy the beach! Jeff took off to watch the kids so I get 5 whole days on my own!
It has been over 15 years since Jannea, Leslie, and I have all been together. They are the coolest people, and I cannot wait to reminicse!

Stay Tuned

Ultra Sound....June 1st.


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