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Monday, January 14, 2008

We're In!

Finally! We have moved into our new house! Hallelujah! It has been four weeks since we went to closing and it seemed like we would never get to live in our house. The contractor still has a few odds and ends to finish up, but it is livable.

Things have been super hectic, as you can imagine. Christmas was a whirlwind and I have to say I was not sad to see the holiday season finally behind us, as well as 2007! It was nice to see family but other than that Christmas this year, for me, was just too dang hard. There was a never ending list of things to get done and I felt like I did not have a chance to enjoy myself for one second. Next year should be such an improvement. It will be so much fun to have Christmas in our new house. It is a perfect Christmas house!

I have to admit, we are truly loving the house. The extra space is AWESOME!!!! My girls are in heaven in the attic and I love how big my kitchen is. I know we will love it even more once we are settled and unpacked. And hopefully that will not take too much longer. I really should probably start focusing on the fact that I'm about to give birth. Emily will be here in four weeks!
Oh my, I think I am in denial. I cannot believe I am having another sweet little baby in a few weeks. I am feeling terribly guilty that I have not done a single thing to get ready. All of my energy and attention has been given to this move and now that I'm moved I still have a million things to get done. I want to start nesting and getting out baby clothes and setting up her cradle and buying diapers. But there just has not been the time.
Today I started driving the kids to school. Yuck...it is going to stink. Because the schools are so far away it took me about 45 minutes to get everybody dropped off and back to my old house (where I am using the internet). The gas guzzling alone is going to kill me! Oh well, it is worth it, the schools they are in now are the best in the county, and if I let them go to the new schools they would be going to the worst in the county.
For now, all of my blogging and phone use will be coming from my old house. Our new house has no phone lines or cable lines hooked up. Nice, huh? One of the "odds and ends" our contractor needs to finish. Oh well, I need to be here to clean anyways. And Dallin can just ride his regular bus home at lunch time. So for this week it works out nicely.