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Friday, April 30, 2010

Day One

Emily is home and doing so much better. She was almost herself today, despite a cough. Sooo...let's see how long it is before the next hospital trip. Should I be saying that??? Am I jinxing myself? Nope, I think I am just being realistic.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Sooo...Emily is in the hospital. She has been there since yesterday. Nope, it has nothing to do with her seizure. She has pneumonia. SHOCKING, isn't it? I mean come on, what would the Rogers do without a child in the hospital with some kind of respiratory problem? She is okay. Breathing treatments, IV antibiotics, and steroids seem to be doing the trick. If they can get her breathing to slow down she might be able to come home tonight. It is hard to not be there with her. They won't let me bring the baby. I did get to see her for an hour this morning....so sad. She looks like death warmed over.

The real stinker in all this is she won't be able to have her MRI on Monday that we have had scheduled and have been waiting FOREVER for. She won't be able to be put under general anesthesia for a whole month. Joy, more waiting. (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice??)

I will keep you all posted.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things I discovered this Morning...

  • 5:30am is the BEST time to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.
  • Wal-Mart has improved their chocolate selection.
  • If you eat a piece of chocolate before seven in the morning it makes your morning go better.
  • I like oatmeal (Organic-flax-cranberry oatmeal to be exact)-I have NEVER liked oatmeal.
  • Eating oatmeal while driving is surprisingly fun. (Do not try this at home).
  • Buzzing Dallin's head saves me a lot of time in the morning (his hair is surprisingly high maintenance).
  • Feeding my kids Organic Pop-Tarts make me feel like a good mom.
  • Anna DOES NOT like it when I sing "GOOOOD BYYEEE" (imagine vibrato) when dropping her off in front of the middle school.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Kind Of Mom Are You?

What kind of mom am I? This thought keeps me awake some nights. I often wonder when I am going to magically emerge from my cocoon and be the mom, the person, that I always wanted to be.

I have a mom wish list, do you? I think I may have posted about it before...here. You know the list...the one that states how perfect I wish I was. Perfection as a mother I have painfully discovered, is a myth. So...my wish list has changed. My one and only wish as a mom is that some day my grown children will look back on their childhood as a magical time. AND when they remember me they remember a mom who wanted, more than anything, to give them happiness.

Is it too late for magic? Is it too late for happiness? I hope not. I pray not. Anna is going to be twelve this summer. For me twelve is the age where my memories become real...not just flashes of pictures. I want her to remember more good than bad, more happiness than sad. I want her to remember adventures, and fun. I want her to remember a mom who loved her unconditionally and did everything in her power to bring loveliness into her life.

One of my favorite bloggers "Tolipop" did an awesome blog yesterday about this very subject here...

Friday, April 09, 2010

Things That I'm Okay With Today...

  • That Emily's diaper is falling off.
  • That I let Dallin stay home from school today because his eyes were "too itchy," but really because I did not have the energy to help him finish ALL his homework last night.
  • That I have 20 loads of laundry sitting there...waiting for me, plus 10 more waiting to be folded.
  • That there is Easter basket grass covering EVERY inch of my downstairs.
  • That Audrey is wearing a mini-skirt (mini, because it's Emily's) and a miss-matching crazy shirt.
  • That I have not had a shower OR put on a bra yet today.
  • That my kitchen floor has not been mopped in two weeks.
  • That my wall on the stairs has mysteriously developed ANOTHER crack in it overnight.
  • That I have not matched socks in over a month and the kids dig in the "sock bucket" EVERY morning to find socks to wear to school and EVERY morning I have to pick up six tons of socks that have been thrown all over my room.
  • That I have dust bunnies.
  • That there is ANOTHER stain on my couch...I think it is cranberry applesauce.
  • That Anna stayed up till 10:30 on a school night yesterday with me and Jeff so we could watch the new Dr. Who episode.
  • That there are Barbies, My Little Ponies, and Polly Pockets under my kitchen table.
  • That I am supposed to be dieting but instead had a chocolate for breakfast this morning.
  • That Emily is walking around eating a frozen waffle.
  • That I will probably let my kids watch movies all day so I can get something done around the house today.
  • That I am playing on my computer and blogging instead of getting something done around the house today.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Za Rogers!

All of Us!
(Taken on Elizabeth's Baptism day, by my bro-in-law, Ben)