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Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Made The News!!!!

Check out this link...
You need to click on "Extreme Heat" Video from 6/23)
Me and the kids were on the news yesterday.
They were interviewing us about this horrific heat wave we have been having.
Kinda fun, huh?
Thankfully they only used 2 secs of my interview.
(I was looking kinda rough, they need to give a mom of 6 more time to primp, geeeeez.)
But the kids got to see themselves on TV, which probably made their whole summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What a bummer day. My kids have been HORRIBLE all day. Fighting, screaming, hitting, talking back, and of course I pretty much just yelled all day (which is my least favorite attribute). Jeff is at the church late tonight, which always seems to make them extra special grumpy. I swear they just got stinkier as the sun went down. I cannot believe it is only day two of summer break. How do normal mommy's make it through days like this??? I need a Valium (well, not really, but I sure like the IDEA of one).