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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In the mean time....

So it's been a while. I have had a tremendous amount of STUFF happening. July was our crazy birthday month. And I mean crrrrrazy. So many birthdays, so little time.
Anna turned ten which was super hard for me. I couldn't get it out of my head that she had gotten so big and so smart, and so helpful, and so sweet, and so caring, and so lovely, and so beautiful and so considerate, and so spiritual, and so insightful, and so empathetic and so tall, and so grown up, and so truly, absolutely amazing............without me realizing it. I should realize it, she's around 24/7, but man it hit me like a ton of bricks, that my little girl is not that far from being all grown up and I'm losing precious time. Before I know it she'll be 12 and then 14 and then graduating high school, it's just not fair.
As for the other July birthdays, I turned a whopping 33...woo hoo, no tah dah's there. And Audrey turned TWO!!!! That was a ton of fun. Two year olds are a blast, and I can tell that Audrey is gonna be one of our best two year olds by far. She is our little ray of sunshine and we are so glad we have her to wake up to everyday.

Other Fun July Stuff:
  • Fourth of July trip to Ben and Cyndi's where we celebrated the fourth with cook outs and tent sale fire works. We also celebrated Lori Noelle and heard Ben give an awesome baby blessing.
  • My niece Elise came to stay for a week which was so much fun...we LOVE her.
  • Lot's of beach trips.
  • Water Park in Ocean City. I was finally able to go on rides...I'm not pregnant for once...woo hoo.
  • Busch Gardens trip. We love that place. It's so beautiful and me and Anna went on every roller coaster, she loved it. Dallin rode the Big Bad Wolf, what a big guy!
Over all, July was a pretty good month, except for the last couple of days, which I will explain, on a much more gruesome note.

Last week, as many of you may have already heard I broke my foot, in an all to Nicole-esque fashion (typical klutz that I am). I stepped on my dumb belt buckle as I was taking off my dumb pants and the dumb hook, latch thinggy, punctured my dumb foot and then went in so far the dumb thing broke my bone. Dumb huh?? It was pretty painful. The doctor said that the chances of something like that happening are like one in a million. He told me I would have been better off having a bullet go through my foot...nice. I am stuck on my glorious gluteus maximus for 2 weeks and then in this big black DUMB boot for another 4 weeks. It's been an adventure. I have had many wonderful people helping me out, whom I am eternally grateful for. We've had dinners galore...(chili twice, chicken four times,ugh), everyone is really helping with the kids, taking turns taking them and coming here to help and yesterday, my very lovely friend Nancy cleaned my WHOLE house, and I mean the whole thing. She cleaned all four bathrooms did six loads of laundry and mopped all my floors, I LOVE HER!

Summing up:
July was a great, super fun, perfectly summerish month!
August ended before it even begun, my stupid foot is putting a hold on any more fun. Hopefully my best friend Bethany's visit in 2 weeks will make it all better.


Ginny said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, that must be painful and frustrating. Hope it heals fast so you are back on your feet having fun!

Our Crazy Happy Family said...


Thibodeau fam said...

Ouch! That stinks about your foot.

I understand your sadness about the kids getting older, it all happens way to fast. Our Makayla is now 11 and everytime i turn around she is turning into a young woman. I am in denial and don't want her to like boys, wear make-up or drive!! But, hey what do ya do.

judy said...

Nik, you and Uncle David take the prizes for summer fun and games for 2008!But thank goodness for friends and family! You are very blessed. I'm glad you're getting on so well and wish you a speedy recovery. Luv, Aunt J.

jenny said...

Thanks for finally blogging!!! Lorelai will get tubes put in in Sept... I hope we are doing the right thing!

Tina said...

I can't believe how you broke your foot! That is so weird. I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad you mostly had a great July. Sounds like a lot of fun. Please tell Bethany hi. I hope you guys have an awesome visit together.

Kelly said...

Who knew a belt could be that dangerous!!