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Monday, October 01, 2007

First Tooth

Elizabeth lost her first tooth last week...and she is about to loose one of her front teeth. She was very excited. The weird thing is that she hadn't even told us she had a loose tooth. She lost it at school.

Anna started playing the violin in school, she really loves it and practices twinkle twinkle little star at least 100 times a day. All three older kids are playing soccer, which I love. I get such a kick out of the competitiveness. I probably scream a little too loud at their games.

Things have felt slow around here. I have had some kind of yucky bug and I haven't had energy to do as much. Audrey has been sick too with a sinus infection and ear infection. She seems to be getting better, but not me. I feel exactly the same, maybe even a little yuckier today.
I am really feeling pregnant lately. I am getting fatter by the second, which is hard...but I know it it is for a worthy cause. I am also feeling the baby move now, which is so exciting. I am 21 weeks pregnant this week and on Thursday I am having my ultra sound. So hopefully the next time I post it will be with the news that I am having a ?????

Her are some recent pics of the kids. Dallin asked if I would take a Picture of him in his suit and I tried to get one of Elizabeth's missing tooth. The last one of Audrey is a sad, sad sick picture...but so cute!

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