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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Over the last week or two we have been going non-stop. Today, things seem a little slower so I thought I would update my blog. Jeff has been bugging me to post about our trip to New York and get some pics up...so here you go Jeff.
Two weekends ago we decided...very last minute, to take a trip to Palmyra, NY. The kids had a four day weekend and we thought it would be fun to get away. We had a blast! We left around 3pm and did not get to Palmyra until 2 in the morning. It was only supposed to be an eight hour drive, but with all the stopping for my teeny, tiny pregnant bladder, hungry kids, and traffic it took an extra 3 hours...Oh well. Jeff and I had never been to see the church sites, and we really wanted the kids to see them. It was so beautiful. Fall colors were everywhere! I was so excited to go to Hill Cummorah and to the Sacred Grove. Anna said it was the best vacation she had ever been on. She really soaked up the history. We got to see some friends that moved to Palmyra last year which was really nice. And we also went to Niagra Falls! Wow! So beautiful. The movies and pictures you see do not really do them justice. Being there in person was so much fun. The weather was beautiful and we got a really great deal on the hotel we stayed in. It was just around the block from the Sacred Grove. We did not get home until late Monday night. It was just a perfect weekend. I really couldn't have picked a better place to be with my family, then where the history of our church began. I have a ton of pictures to share!


jenny said...

How neat! Your family looks great! Especially you! I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you said that!?!