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Friday, September 07, 2007

House Update and Other Stuff

So, the offer we made on the bigger house expired last Friday. Our house is just not going to sell anytime soon. The open house last week was a bomb...not one person came (all that hard work for nothing!) We are trying to decided what our next step is. We tried to offer a lower amount on the other house so we could lower the price on our house, but they rejected it. I looked at a few houses today, but nothing really promising. It's impossible to get a bigger house that is in decent shape for the price we need. We might just have to squeeze into this house with 5 kids for a few years...we'll see.

Our vacation was a lot of fun. The house we stayed at was really neat. I LOVED IT! The kids had a blast at the water park and Busch Gardens. It was just nice to get away and spend some time with our family.

I am 17 weeks pregnant now...Yeah! I am officially into my 2nd trimester! I am feeling much better these days. I am grateful the morning sickness is finally going away, it was really bad this time around. I am starting to gain weight and my clothes are no longer fitting...which totally stinks! My last doctor's appointment went well, the baby's heartbeat is strong and healthy and everything seems to be going smoothly. Only 4 0r 5 weeks more and we should know what the sex of the baby is....(please be a boy, please be a boy)...just kidding, sord of.

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Krissi said...

How did I miss that you were perggo again!!! CONGRATS!!!
Sorry about the house...I know how it feels. Our house in Oklahoma has been on the market since Dec 1...we just sit an wait and pray.