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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where Is Fall?

Fall is refusing to make it's presence known here on the Eastern Shores of Maryland. It is supposed to be in the 80's all week! What the heck??? I LOVE FALL. I am ready for jeans, and sweaters and jackets, and frost on the lawn. It has been so dry that the leaves are just dying and falling off...no beautiful fall foliage, no crisp fall mornings, no fall at all! If this weather keeps up my kids will be roasting to death on Halloween. I have a very warm costume for Miss Audrey.

Speaking of Audrey, she is in a stinky mood this morning. She actually yelled at me. I am not sure what she said exactly but it went something like this... "No Mommy, I do not want to get out of the bath...NO MOMMY, NO!" Then she attempted to hit me, which was pretty cute, and I had to try very hard not to laugh.

We had another open house this weekend. It went much better. There were actual lookers this time. But it does not seem to be anything promising. I think we will give it a another week or so, and then seriously start thinking about an addition to the house.

Jeff and I picked a name for the baby. It was a pretty easy decision. I think Jeff is so sick of girls he would be happy with Bertha, but of course I had to come up with a name that fit perfectly along side, Anna, Elizabeth, and Audrey...so the obvious choice was Emily! I have always loved that name. I never meant to be one of those mom's who had a theme with baby names, but it seems my girls are only allowed to start with A's or E's. Jeff isn't really sick of girls, I think he is getting used to the idea, and I am actually pretty excited. Isn't that beautiful...Emily, now we just have to come up with a middle name. I like Emily Sophia...any suggestions???


Cynthia said...

I love Emily Sophia. That sounds very pretty.

jenny said...

that is agreat name! i miss fall too. it is in the 90's here and i am ready for long pants!