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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Kind Of Mom Are You?

What kind of mom am I? This thought keeps me awake some nights. I often wonder when I am going to magically emerge from my cocoon and be the mom, the person, that I always wanted to be.

I have a mom wish list, do you? I think I may have posted about it before...here. You know the list...the one that states how perfect I wish I was. Perfection as a mother I have painfully discovered, is a myth. So...my wish list has changed. My one and only wish as a mom is that some day my grown children will look back on their childhood as a magical time. AND when they remember me they remember a mom who wanted, more than anything, to give them happiness.

Is it too late for magic? Is it too late for happiness? I hope not. I pray not. Anna is going to be twelve this summer. For me twelve is the age where my memories become real...not just flashes of pictures. I want her to remember more good than bad, more happiness than sad. I want her to remember adventures, and fun. I want her to remember a mom who loved her unconditionally and did everything in her power to bring loveliness into her life.

One of my favorite bloggers "Tolipop" did an awesome blog yesterday about this very subject here...

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