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Friday, April 09, 2010

Things That I'm Okay With Today...

  • That Emily's diaper is falling off.
  • That I let Dallin stay home from school today because his eyes were "too itchy," but really because I did not have the energy to help him finish ALL his homework last night.
  • That I have 20 loads of laundry sitting there...waiting for me, plus 10 more waiting to be folded.
  • That there is Easter basket grass covering EVERY inch of my downstairs.
  • That Audrey is wearing a mini-skirt (mini, because it's Emily's) and a miss-matching crazy shirt.
  • That I have not had a shower OR put on a bra yet today.
  • That my kitchen floor has not been mopped in two weeks.
  • That my wall on the stairs has mysteriously developed ANOTHER crack in it overnight.
  • That I have not matched socks in over a month and the kids dig in the "sock bucket" EVERY morning to find socks to wear to school and EVERY morning I have to pick up six tons of socks that have been thrown all over my room.
  • That I have dust bunnies.
  • That there is ANOTHER stain on my couch...I think it is cranberry applesauce.
  • That Anna stayed up till 10:30 on a school night yesterday with me and Jeff so we could watch the new Dr. Who episode.
  • That there are Barbies, My Little Ponies, and Polly Pockets under my kitchen table.
  • That I am supposed to be dieting but instead had a chocolate for breakfast this morning.
  • That Emily is walking around eating a frozen waffle.
  • That I will probably let my kids watch movies all day so I can get something done around the house today.
  • That I am playing on my computer and blogging instead of getting something done around the house today.


Kym said...

I'm ok with all that too.

Leslie Mingo said...

I love that I'm not alone. I'm okay with the sticky dried up juice puddle under my kitchen table that has been there for over a week and my unshaven legs that are so prickly they keep rubbing against my jeans. And our playroom that should now be the tornado room because I think every toy that could possibly be out of its bin is now thrown through out the entire room. All us Moms are right there with you. We understand, now only, how do we get our husbands to understand and be okay with these things?

Nicole said...

I forgot to mention that I'm okay with my prickly legs (thanks for reminding me Leslie) Oh, and that I'm okay that Dallin's floor around his toilet has turned a lovely shade of yellow from a week's worth of "missing." Fun times!!!

Kelly said...

Oh Nicole....I miss you. Just so you know all my toilets are yellow and I haven't showered in 4 days! Your the best!!!!