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Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Elizabeth turned eight yesterday. Unbelievable! She is being baptized on March 28th and is so excited. We love Elizabeth for so many reasons.

When Elizabeth was born Jeff and I were so...relieved. It was a difficult pregnancy, which resulted in bed rest for me. The hardest part was the waiting, after a late-term miscarriage the year before, we had been on pins and needles the entire 9 months. Elizabeth Kathleen entered the world with a load of hair, big blue eyes and PERFECT eyebrows. Anna was so proud to be a big sister, and was instantly in love.

Elizabeth has never been a patient person, which I suppose she gets from me. But I really blame it on Dallin. When she was four months old she, I am sure, KNEW there would soon be a little brother to keep her company. They had a plan, they did NOT want to be without each other for very long. I can just picture them plotting in Heaven, Dallin promising her he would not be far behind.

Before Elizabeth was born I had always planned on calling her "Beth" but boy was I wrong. She has never been a Beth. She is Elizabeth, through and through. Although, every once in a while we use her Uncle Marshall's nickname for her..."Lizard Bath".

One of my favorite things about Elizabeth is that she says what she thinks no matter what. There is no beating around the bush with her or second guessing her. If she doesn't like something she lets you know. We always know how Elizabeth feels! She loves all things girly, especially clothes. She would wear a dress every second of her life if I let her.

For her birthday Jeff and I took her on a mommy-daddy date to see Alice in 3D and out to dinner. She wanted seafood and got to have her first taste of Lobster!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! We LOVE you!


jenny said...

I just cannot believe how quickly our kids are growing up! Remember when we were 8? That is so crazy! I wish our kids were growing up around one another...

Kelly said...

What a sweet girl! I can't believe she is 8! Give her a big hug from me.