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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broken Record

Maddie is in the hospital again. It's not RSV, It's not H1N1. They are not sure what it is????
She is just miserable. A fever over 102 for 6 days now. The IV antibiotics seem to be doing the trick though. Her fever is FINALLY down. Now if we can get her to sleep, she just cries and cries. Hopefully we will know more in the morning and she will not have to stay long.

One positive...the nurses all knew her little face by name. They are all so sweet. There is this one nurse from last time, Christy. She is a blond little thing from Georgia, and calls Madeline, "Maddie Girl" in this perfect southern accent. I love her, and would bring her home with me if I was allowed. She is such a good nurse!

One negative...the glaring, harsh, hospital lights have made me realize that I quite possibly have the ugliest hands EVER. They are uglier than my 90 year old Grandmothers...

Does anyone else try and find things to laugh about when all you really want to do is cry???


jenny said...

Nikki, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this trial. Your family is in our prayers and I am thinking about you lots.

Leslie Mingo said...

I'm glad to see she is finally home. HORRIBLE! If this is Maddison's way of trying to fight for attention from all her other siblings you need to tell her to knock it off. Find another way Maddy, smash Playdough in the carpet or draw permanent marker on the wall NOT an overnight stay at the hospital with sleep deprived parents.