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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am feeling a little lost this week. I have 100,000 things to accomplish and no good plan to get them done. I think I need a blog just to list all of my to-do items. I am the type of person that needs things to be perfect, but I do not have the motivation to get it all done...so guess what I end up doing? Nothing. Nothing, at all. I also get side tracked a lot. I'll start one project and then start another one, and then another one. What is the secret to just getting one thing done at a time? I had a conversation with my friend Kelly this past weekend about this very topic. She is able to focus on one thing at a time and calmly get it done. Not me, I panic. I get all frazzled and get grumpy with my kids and Jeff.

I have five kids...I really need to get this down. Seriously, it is my job. I am supposed to be organized and together, with dinner on the table, and all the laudry folded.

Actually, I'm lying. The real problem is that I think I am just not cut out to be the mom of five, maybe the mom of two, I think I could handle two.

Okay, I'm lying again. I think I am just not stay-at-home-mom material at all. I seriously stink at it. We hear all the time that we do not need to be that "Perfect, Molly Mormon, Mom" we just need to be doing the "best that we can" but what if you want to be that perfect mom? I want to be perfect. I want to do it all. If I cannot do it all, I might as well just stop being a mom.

So here it is...this is what I am putting on my next to-do-list:

Crafts, Cleaning, Sewing, Mending, Scrapbooking, Prayers, Scriptures, Family Home Evening, Temple Work, Cooking, Baking, Food Storage Expert, Gardening, Skinny, with a nice butt, sexy arms, and perky boobs, Nice Hair w/ highlights, White Teeth, Perfect Wardrobe, PTA President, Cutest Kids, Community Volunteer, At Home Entrepernuer who contributes to the cash flow, Grind own Wheat and make Jelly from scratch, Can Fruit, Bake Bread, Excercise Every Day, and Go on Walks with Kids Every day, Bike Rides, Hiking, Camping, Library Story Time, Eat only Organic Food, Eat only fresh Vegetables from my OWN Garden, take my kids on VACATIONS to exoctic places, want to WANT to Homeschool, Dust and Sweep everyday, paint all my Walls, garage, front steps, and my fence, Decorate like Candice Olsen from Devine Design, be Taller with bluer eyes, smaller nose, and smaller feet, Visit teach every month by the 5th day of the month, be the YW President, Primary President and Relief Society President all at the same time. Oh and lastly, I want to walk into a room and have people tell me I am the most glorious woman, mother, and wife to ever grace their presence.

What do you think? Am I over zelous?


Leslie Mingo said...

OH I LOVE YOU! Your list is hysterical. So unrealistic but yet I too want the same list. I think we both need to give up on the perky boobs thing. NOT gonna happen after 3-5 kids unless you do a naked handstand. Oh, I really wish we lived closer together. We at least need to make an effort to have a girls weekend some time with Jannea. I found this book I want to check out from the library. It looks pretty good. It's called "The creative family. How to encourage imagination & nurture family connections" by Amanda Blake Soule.

My only advice I can think of at the moment is don't worry about trying to be the perfect mom, you'll end up just getting frustrated with yourself. Focus more on your bonds with each individual child. When your kids are older they aren't going to care if you had flabby arms or if you made your own jam, they are going to remember having a close relationship with you when they were little and how fun you are and how loved they are in their family.

jenny said...

Yes me too... but I think I am pretty close... Heehee

judy said...

I'm still trying to do it all, and guess what, it doesn't work!! Ha ha, but I guess you already know that. Your friend Leslie's counsel was great about focusing on each of the kids. And I have learned that if we work on the things that keep our family together and going in the right direction, al the rest is just trimming. Let's see now will making your own bread or homemade jam get you to the Celestial Kingdom? No I don't think so, but loving your family will and teaching them what is right and protecting them from this creepy world. You're doing a great job so far Nik. Keep up the good work.

Bethany said...

Wow! I want all that too, it's just not possible. I'd start making fun of you if you really were able to accomplish all that. You'd be too perfect to be my friend. I'd be embarassed to share my hideous mishaps and quirks with you. I love you just the way you are and so does everyone else on this planet.

Carri said...

you're a fantastic mom. It's really hard to be a mom, much less a perfect one. I actually have never seen a perfect mother. Judy is right. Family comes first. Once the kids get a bit older, they can start to help out with the chores. I did, you did, and things turned out fine.

Focus on being with the kids. The time goes by so fast and they will be gone before you know it.

The Berry Family said...

Oh Nicky, How I love you!!!! Trust me I did the PTA thing for 2 years, made the kids move schools cause i hated the politics between PTA and principles!!!! You are perfectin so many ways. Love you

Kelly said...

You are one silly woman! Perhaps you misunderstood. I can get one thing done at a time. That doesn't mean I get the whole list done. Today is the first time I have seen the bottom of my sink since I returned home. My three goals for the day.....not raise my voice to my children, exercise and get my dishes done. Lets just say I failed the first two already!
I luv you! Be realistic and look at all the good you do.

PBarley said...

I think you turned out pretty good!
I didn't decorate, paint, exercise daily, or grow my own garden...but I LOVED you all to a fault, we didn't have formal family home evenings, but remember the trips to the mountains with scriptures, sitting on rocks in rivers, etc?
Did you ever NOT feel loved? Don't you think you remember that more than anything else? (well, I'm hoping you do :0)
You are awesome, so are your sisters. We do what we can with what we have. The most important thing is ENJOY every little thing, like your cool house, your baby's beautiful blue eyes, your hubby who helps out with the 'stuff', and of course, the best grandma on the block :0)
Pat yourself on the back...you do a lot more than you realize!