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Friday, January 23, 2009

Desires of My Heart

Have I ever told you that I have a really cool house???? It is old and funky and totally unique. It has dark wood everywhere and cool windows, an oddly large front foyer that we never use, a creepy basement, a whimsically angled attic, two stair cases, old doors with original hardware, a front porch, a back porch, and a picket fence.

It could be my dream house. I love it more every day, despite the many quirks...(and believe me there are quirks...like breaking tile, crooked walls, and 900 dollar electric bills).

There is much to be grateful for, but every once in a while I feel sad. Sad inside that I am keeping this house from reaching it's potential. My non-existent budget and my cheap cluttery-stuff makes this diamond in the rough look ordinary, dull and uninspiring.

I have a dream, a dream of decorating.

I want to paint, to create, to have the mula to give this house the makeover it deserves. To transform my house into the home I have always wanted. Ahhhh....Alas, it is but a dream.

Until then, I will continue to plan and plot and collect, and steal ideas from people who know what they are doing.

To start maybe I will begin collecting these cool prints to adorn the angles of my girl's room.

Are they not the epitome of whimsy???

Click on pic to see tollipop's etsy shop.

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