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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Too Old

I was just taking a look at my profile and it automatically swithced my age to 31 today. How rude I didn't give my blog permission to change my age. Very depressing. I knew I was older today, but it didn't hit me until I saw it in writing, "31" just sitting there taunting me...ha ha you are definitely in your 30's now, no looking back to 20's. I think 31 is worse than 30. Oh well, at least I'm not in labor today...yet.


jenny said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHILD DEAR! You are still young to me!!! A whole year and a half younger than me... LOVE YOU! Hope you have a great birthday! And NO BABIES today!

Carri said...

Happy belated birthday Nik. By the way, I had a harder time turning 31 than I did 30. Just ask your mom! Love You. Carri