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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Family Fun

We had such a nice weekend. On Saturday Ben and Cyndi came up to our house with their kids to see the baby and to celebrate Anna's Birthday. The visit was so nice. Then on Sunday my parents came down and Grandma Troiano and Pap Pap came over (that is what my kids call Bob). It was a busy weekend but I loved having family around. It is fun to show off a new baby. Especially as one as cute as Audrey.

I thought I would post some pictures of the weekend. The picture of Audrey is one from her first night home in her cradle. The one of Ben is him showing the kids how to juggle (Anna got a juggling kit for her birthday). I think you can see Cyndi, Kym, Marshall and Elise in the background.

Anna is officially eight I can't believe it. I took her to get her ears pierced Saturday morning before Ben and Cyndi got there. We had so much fun. She felt so special. I think eight is such a perfect age to do the ears, because I let Anna make the decision, and that is what being eight is all about. She is not a little girl any more. Wow, time sure goes by quickly. In one of the pictures if you click on it, you can see Anna's earings.


jenny said...

Who is the little girl sitting on the floor with Ben??? SHe looks EXACTLY like Kim when she was little!!! I swear!!! I swore it was Kim for a minute until I realized that Kim is a grown woman now! And Anna looks JUST LIKE YOU!!! I just can't believe it. It totally took me back to when we were kids. And I got all teary to see Grandma and Bob and everyone there and know that I am missing out on that. It makes me so sad. But I am so glad you have family nearby. I haven't called you because I don't want to bother you so soon after the baby, but it looks like you are doing great! Keep blogging! I love to see what is going on!

Cyndi said...

That's Elise by Ben. A lot of people say she looks like Ben's mom, but I've never heard a comparison to Kim. Interesting.

Nicole said...

Aunt Sandy tells me all the time that Anna looks just like me...she just has Jeff's coloring. I think I can see it sometimes. It is really nice to have Grandma so close by, she is so sweet to my kids, and just lives to see them. You can call anytime Jenny, I am feeling great and things are pretty calm now that Jeff is back at work.