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Monday, June 26, 2006

We're drowning!

I am going insane. It has been raining none stop since Thursday. Our back yard looks like a lake. And...it isn't supposed to stop raining until later this week. I am not usually one to complain about rain, I love rainy days. They make everything look so green and I can get lots of stuff done around the house. I think what is actually making me so miserable is how miserable my children are. I have run out of movies for them to watch, run out of computer games for them to play and run out of art project ideas. I am coming to my wits end. Does anyone have any suggestions???

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jenny said...

I bought a couple of things like clay, and crafty stuff for just such a day. My kids don't care if there is a real craft to do, they just like to use glue and glitter and stickers and colored paper. I got the cheapest big pack of construction paper I could find and let them cut with my scrapbooking scissors. I am really surprized that they don't care if there is something in particular they are supposed to make. Caroline especially likes to make "Journals." She basically cuts up pieces of paper and glues them back together and writes in them and decorates it. Picture frames are also a hit. Find a picture of them that is not particularly flattering, that you aren't going to keep anyway and let them make a frame or bookmark out of it. Oh, ribbons are also a big hit. Any kind of craft materials are great. Hilton loves this too because he likes the feeling of the glue on his fingers. It is messy. They have to stay at the kitchen table, but it keeps my kids entertained for hours!