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Monday, June 19, 2006


I hate waiting. I am the most impatient person on the planet. July 12th is not that far off, but I want to have the baby now! I have this stack of new baby clothes, I am dying to use...I am dying to know how big she is, what color eyes she will have...will she have red hair? I am dying to get labor over with...will it be easy? Will my water break on its own? Will she be healthy and happy? I need to know these things right now, NOT in 3 weeks. Argh! I don't think I have ever been so restless before the end of a pregnancy like this before.


cyndi said...

Just don't have it before the 30th.

jenny said...

My friend just had her baby yesterday. She went to work as usual, started labor, and had the baby 10 minutes after getting to the hospital. Her makeup never even got messed up. Her first labor was 18 hours and she ended up with 150 stitches. She is very happy this time!!! So hang in there!

tina said...

The end is the abolute worste. You just can't wait, then all of the sudden the baby is coming and you aren't ready at all.

Anonymous said...

Just think, 18 years from now she'll be graduating from High School! :-) Enjoy every minute. You'll probably be a grandma by then. I'm really sorry about the rain though. I've been through that myself. The summer of Hurricane Agnes when we lived in Reading, I had planned all of the "rainy day" activities to get the boys through the bad weather. I used them all up in 2 weeks! Shortly after that we got flooded out and had to leave town. You weren't even thought of yet. I hope you don't get flooded out. Good thing you don't live by a river!
Luv Aunt J.