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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Preview

August flew by for me! Did it for you? There has been a whole lot of crazy around here lately...but things seem to be finally settling down. (Thank you public school system!) I wanted to blog about all my summer fun and adventures and maybe post some pictures, but I don't have the patience or motivation to upload pictures today. So I thought I would just share a funny mom moment that happened this morning.

Are you a bra off or a bra on kinda person while you sleep? Me, I am a bra OFF person. In fact, if I know I do not have to go any where and am POSITIVE the mail man is not planning a surprise delivery I might just leave my bra off all day. Well, apparently I got sick of my bra early last night and took it off before actually changing into pajamas...I don't even remember doing it, but I guess I left it on the couch downstairs. Well, you would not believe the HOOPLA it caused this morning. My little (well, if you know me, not so little..heh, heh) bra caused quite the uproar among my children. Dallin squealed like a little girl..."EWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Elizabeth gave me a very disappointing look, and a comment that went something like this..."Mom, you yell at us about leaving our clothes every where and here you are leaving your bra out...that is just disgusting!" Audrey thought it was hilarious and put it on her head, which of course led to a bra tossing competition...or was it a game of hot potato?

I am not sure if my poor bra will ever get it's rightful shape back. But, I have to say it almost felt like a victory...I mean it made them feel so uncomfortable, and after all it is MY house isn't it?


Kym said...

Ha! I'm a bra OFF girl as well. Dana's use to me leaving mine around though, lol. Fun post! Keep them coming!

Bethany said...

OMG. I'm getting caught up on your blog and saw this funny post and am dying laughing! Love you!!