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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wanted: Personal Designer

Is there anyone out there that would come live with me for a month and tell me how to redecorate my house??? I do not pay and all I have to redecorate with is a whole lot of hand-me-down crap. I might be able to swing some paint. I would expect you to do all the work while I put up my feet and watch the Notebook and eat dark chocolate. Thanks.


blue said...

Ill do it. redecorate that is. I have awesome taste in everything.
1. The living room will be painted black with the Batman symbol dispersed around the walls.
2. The kitchen? dump it. No one needs a kitchen.
3. Bedrooms? Nay, they will be converted into gaming rooms.
4. And we need to talk about your "yard". That must be converted into a stage for metal bands to play all day.
What do you think? Am I hired?

Nicole said...

HA!!! I'll have to get back to you...

Leslie Mingo said...

Oh Nicole, Nicole, your house is wonderful the way it is, so much charm.

Nicole said...

We've had a lot of cool older furniture pieces given to us lately, and I would love to re-do them. I'm also sick of one color on every wall in my house, I need some color! I think I want to go for that shabby chic, french country-ish look, but not sure where to begin. Leslie, I want MORE charm:)

Natalie said...

I will help but also watch the notebook. You need to steal ideas from magazines and other peoples houses.