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Monday, August 24, 2009

Anna Wants a Bird

For a week now Jeff and I have been bombarded with bird facts, bird supply lists, bird pricing, bird pictures, bird e-mails, and bird pleas! Anna has decided she wants a bird. She is obsessed with the idea of little birdies in a cage singing her praises. She has been a bird researching fool. Saturday she came home with a ton of bird books from the library. She wants to use her own money to buy the bird and all the supplies. She has even convinced Elizabeth and Dallin to contribute their allowance money and their share of lemonade stand money. As re-payment she has lovingly promised them a share in the bird responsibilities. I am seriously waiting for lobbiest calls from her friends. She has the world convinced that birds are GRRRREAT!

Does anyone have a bird? Does anyone know anything about birds as pets? Anna really wants a zebra finch? Any advice, tips? Jeff and I told her we would make a decision soon. A bird would be a big pet step for us, we have only ever had fish.


Courtney Doyle said...

I always wanted a finch myself... but a friend growing up had birds (cockatiels I think) and they are messy! Bird seed everywhere, and feathers. I agree that they look cool, but I got over my bird quest forever ago. Of course, i am practically a crazy cat lady... so birds and cats might seem unwise together! ;-)

Nicole said...

A pretty red-headed crazy cat lady! Mushi, Mushi!