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Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Days of School

I have been slacking when it comes to posting pictures lately! I have a million to share. I cannot promise that they will be in chronological order, but I promise they will be pictures that were worth the wait. Have I ever blogged about how cute my kids are? Hee hee!

Here are some from Dallin's Kindergarten graduation and Elizabeth's 1st grade graduation, and Anna's 5th grade graduation. They made a HUGE deal out of it. They had a Hollywood theme, and the kids had to dress up extra fancy and walk the "red carpet." Anna was awarded the Presidential Academic Achievement Award, which she is still talking about to people. "Obama signed my award!" It's hard to believe Anna will be in middle school next year!

Dallin and his teacher Mrs. Jackson...love her!

Dallin singing the "J" song!

Elizabeth and Mrs. Williams...Awesome teacher!

Anna thought the scarf made her seem more glamours!

And the award goes too.......

Anna and her teacher, Mrs. Boothe.

Anna throwing up peace signs with her good friends!

This last one is my favorite...big brother showing Audrey around the school!


jenny said...

I think Anna looks exactly like Cyndi!

Jeremy and Rebecca said...

anna looks so much like you nicole!