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Monday, June 29, 2009

A House Full of Fuddy Duddies!!!

Yesterday we had an impromptu mini family reunion! My Aunt Donna had come down to my Grandmother's house with my Uncle David, who is visiting from St. George. I have been looking forward to seeing my uncle, who was in a horrible motorcycle accident last summer. My mom and dad were there too! Since my Grandmother is almost 90 and cannot really handle ALL of my kids at once these days I decided to bring over just Audrey to see everyone. (Emily was napping and the older ones would have fought over who could come.)

Poor Audrey. When we walked in the door she almost went into cardiac arrest. This is what she saw...

A room full of old people whom she barely knows .

A VERY old person with tubes coming out of her nose hooked up to a huge oxygen machine.


A man with only one leg.

I'm pretty sure that she thought I was leading her to her death. She immediately started to shake and then ran to me crying...she would not let me put her down for a half an hour.

This is not like Audrey at all...she is usually our little social butterfly. Eventually she did warm up to everyone and was as happy as a clam. My Grandmother convinced her that the tubes were not that big of a deal and before you knew it she was reading Audrey books and they were cuddling together. Pap Pap (My Grandmother's husband) won her love by giving her pizza and her very own can of root beer with a pink straw. And by the end of our visit she was completely convinced my Uncle David had super powers, and wanted to know if she could take off her leg too!!!!

I was so happy to see everyone. I LOVE my aunts and uncles. I could not believe how great my Grandma is doing, she will be 90 this January and seemed healthier than I have seen her in a while. My Uncle David just amazed me!! He is walking so wonderfully for someone with one leg...his prosthetic is so cool!!! I always love seeing my Aunt Donna, and wish we all lived closer!


Kym said...

I just yelled at Dad about this situation. Does my family ever think to invite me? No! Aw well shucks; I mean Shucks. Yes that is a much better way to put it. It must be a Shuck thing.

Kym said...

Oh and BTW that is to funny about Audrey! Too cute!

jenny said...

I wish I could have been there... I hope you have lots of fun time with my dad. He needs it!

judy said...

I'm so glad I WASN'T there...to be included with the "Fuddy Duddies"! :-) Fuddy maybe, but not a Duddy. jk I'm glad you had a good time. Poor Kymie...I bet you won't forget to call her again! She probably didn't miss much though. I'm be happy to have my one legged hubby home tomorrow evening. Take care and enjoy this summer. Luv..