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Friday, April 17, 2009

Into The Thick of It!

Had my first doctor's appointment yesterday. I switched to a new doctor....whom I absolutely LOVE! She is great...AND....I only have to see ONE doctor....not seven different doctors. Whoop, whoop!

So, as you know, I have been pregnant...ummmm...a lot. (In fact, if you add it up at the end up this pregnancy I will have been pregnant for a total of FIVE years...HOLLY CROW!!!!!!)
I have to admit, though, no matter how many times I go to my "first" appointment, hearing that babies little heart beat fluttering makes my heart flutter! I can't help but feel excited that this little spirit fought so hard to be a part of this family, over coming the odds, finding a way, even if Mommy and Daddy had different ideas.

I am 12 weeks along now and the doc thinks things are progressing very well! My nausea is on it's way out....energy level is beginning to rise, and my pants are un-button-able!

My doctor did make a comment that the baby's heart beat was fast....indicative of a girl....perhaps? I refrained from slapping her, it's not like I really thought it would be a boy. Although......maybe he was jogging in place doing a little pre-birth workout? Doesn't that raise heart rates????


Our Crazy Happy Family said...

Thor had a fast heart rate at first...I was sure at the ultrasound he would be a girl! I was very surprised to see that he wasn't! His heartrate slowed to boy pace after that. He was just trying to trick me....maybe that will work for you :)

jenny said...

Don't give up hope on a boy yet! But a house full of girls would sure give Dallin some interesting stories when he grows up...

Nicole said...

Here's to hoping! I also hope Dallin looks at it that way someday!