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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


One of our favorite past times is sitting down with the kiddo's and watching Mythbusters. I love that it is a show we all agree is wicked cool, not to mention educational too!

Well, I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a birthday party theme I could use for both Elizabeth and Dallin. Not to girly, not to boyish. Every once in a while my brain works better than normal and a strike of genius hit me today. How cool would a Mythbuster's party be?????

It should be a blast....hee hee. No pun intended, Jeff has agreed to do the mento's and soda bottle experiment.

Some of my idea's for myth busting so far:
Eating Pop Rock's and soda will make your stomach explode.
Putting a Jaw Breaker in the Microwave will make it explode. (We have an old Microwave in the basement we don't use).
A lemon can run an alarm clock.

I need a few more kid friendly, and cost friendly idea's. I was thinking I could do some basic science experiments too...like making homemade gak...and then sending it home as a party favor. Do you have any idea's???


Ben said...

Even better: have a 'Dirty Jobs' party and get all the kids to clean toilets.

Leslie Mingo said...

I second the dirty jobs idea.

I just threw a boy bug party for a bunch of 4 year olds. I planned so many activities but I think they would have been just as happy scooping up dog poop in the back yard for a prize. As long as they can run and get dirty, they will be happy.

I'll think of some ideas. My husband loves that show. We have made volcanoes before. I think we mix baking soda and vinegar? I will let you know for sure.

Noelani said...

we did a cience party fo rmy little boy when he was 5 i think. it was really fun. we did the mentos thing. and you could try the glowing mountain dew...but it doens't glow. make slime and do cornstarch with water (equal parts) and decide if it is a solid or liquid (it is both). i sent hom all the experiment directions and they made a volcano too and took it home as thier goodie bag gift. also you can explode a ziploc bag using vinegar water and baking soda...they love stuff that explodes!

good luck...sounds like a fun idea!

The Berry Family said...

Avery whent to a science camp thing where they took the insides of a disposable diper and mixed it with water to make toxic ice. I'm sure that you must have huggies around the house!!!

Tina said...

What a fun idea. I'm sure the kids will love it. I can't think of any good myth busters... but if I do, I'll let you know. Good thinking!