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Monday, March 02, 2009

March Madness

It is upon us again. The March Birthday season.

Aunt Kym-21st.
Nana Clark-23rd.

At least #6 won't be in March.

Oh, did I mention I'm pregnant again??????

Due Date: October 26th-ish.

(And yes, for those of you with good memories...Jeff DID have a vasectomy).


Ginny said...

Congrats.... How are U taking the news?

Nicole said...

We're actually excited...I mean you cannot argue with an ACT of GOD right??????

jenny said...

SHUT UP! He DID!?!?!?! Then it is just meant to be, right? How that little bugger got past, you will never know, but you will have agreat story to tell!

jenny said...

Oh, and you did lie a little a couple of entries when you said you weren't expanding physically... I guess maybe you aren't yet... but pretty soon!

judy said...

You might have a little General Authority in the "oven" right now. Who knows! Thank goodness you have that wonderful house. You'll be in our prayers, both of you. Oh, and Jeff might want a "do over" on the vasectomy! :-)

Tina said...

OH...MY...GOSH!!!! I can't believe it. As shocked as you may be, that is really great news. I'm happy for you. You two are such great parents!! Love you ;0)

Ginny said...

Act of God... same thing we said about ummm both of ours.... these lil' surprise spirits really are the best.... and ya, what else are you going to do :) congrats. Maybe Jeff could get a refund.

Heather and Lars Rundquist said...

Holy Toledo, Batman!