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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Maybe I Should Too!

So I started reading the two greatest blogs a while ago...CJane Enjoy it, and Nie Nie Dialogues. I think I discovered them by clicking on a link from a friend's blog...maybe you Natalie??? I've been hooked ever since.

"Nie" is an avid vegetarian, she always lists the best recipes. C Jane is her sister and I just love her blog...it's full of humor, spirit, and she always writes in a way that really inspires me to be a better mom/person. I thought I would share these posts from their blogs...I want to eat just like Nie....the food just looks so beautiful and yummy and soooo good for you. I could be a vegetarian...meat isn't "all that" And maybe....I just will:) Hah Hah...If only I could convince my husband!

I love how C Jane likens her sister's way of life to the word of wisdom... I know I'm supposed to eat that way...and have thought a million times over that I live every part of the word of wisdom...except, the parts about how I should be eating...hmmmm, I needed a wake up call!



Side note: Sadly...a few weeks ago Nie Nie was in a serious plane crash with her husband...they are both in critical condition... Cjane talks about it in her post. I've been so inspired reading about their story and the way their family has dealth with such an enormous tradedy.

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