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Friday, June 13, 2008

Too Funny

I got this from my friend Natalie's blog...and had to steal it!

Blogging 101 -What NOT to do!

#1. Don't get green with envy, Blenvy it's coined, while reading other's blogs. According to CJane, "It usually comes from reading a blog that emphasizes my insecurities." Well said blogger guru. I couldn't agree with you more.
Please remember that each post is just a moment of that person's day/week. Instead, just be happy that something amazing happened to your fellow blogger. Be inspired by them! If you really feel the need, use that insecurity to make a change in your own life and do something similar.
#2. If people don't update their blog roll by adding your name under 'Friends & Family' don't get your feelings hurt. It's simply a nice gesture, forgotten. Seasoned bloggers rarely even look at their sidebar anymore - let alone update it frequently.
#3. Never ask yourself, "Is insert blogger's name mad at me? She doesn't comment on my blog."
I realize that there is probably an expectation of family and friends to read your blog. However, don't expect anyone to read your blog and don't fall into this negative thinking.
You've got to understand that every blogger is on a different commitment level. You have your newbies who are completely addicted and spend every possible moment blog-jogging. To the end of the spectrum of your more seasoned bloggers who have developed their routine and only take the time to read their top 10 favorites. It's hard to imagine, but some people get completely burned out and need to take breaks from reading others blogs now and then.
#4. Don't feel left out. Now that you have a more intimate look at your friends lives (in real life), they might post outings that you weren't invited to attend. Please do not let it eat at you, make you feel left out, or that you're not an important friend in that person's life.
Life is crazy, busy, and things happen spare of the moment. You don't know the whole story as to how the event got organized and why certain people where invited and you weren't. You are special and you are important to your friend! Just let it go, or better yet, plan a fun get together and be sure to invite her. You'll feel much better!
#5. Guilt is overrated. You will come across some AMAZING moms. Honestly, I've been blown away by so many of you and your creativity and dedication to your family. Again, don't feel guilty or envious of these genetically gifted women. Instead, be inspired to make some changes in your own family. Use their techniques and strategies to empower yourself.
#6. Keep it real. While posting on your own blog be sure to allow yourself to open up and not only share your glamorous side, but also your self portraits, your struggles, and your hopes and dreams. You will find that bloggers are some of the most unjudgemental, forgiving, and loving people you'll have in your life. Use this positive energy to help you get through the tough times as well as celebrate the good ones.
End Quote!
Have a fabulous day!


jenny said...

that is a wonderful sentiment. I need to keep those things in mind... Sometimes I get very Blenvious of people who are totally the greatest moms ever... hint hint... :)

Tina said...

i really like that. thanks for sharing!