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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moving Up

So this is the house we have made a "contingent" offer on. Our house is on the market as of today. They put the "For Sale" sign out front. Dallin of course thought this meant that we would be moving tomorrow. But, no such luck. It would take a miracle for someone to want to buy our house. The market here is slow just like everywhere else. We do have someone coming tomorrow to see the house. So we will keep our fingers crossed, and pray like crazy. We love this house and it will be very hard to let it go if our house does not sell quickly.

We have been working like mad to fix our house up. We remodeled one of the bathrooms this weekend, which was kinda fun! And I have been cleaning like I've never cleaned before. I am not looking forward to having to keep it this clean everyday. Jeff has done so much work. It is funny how motivated you can become. Things we have been meaning to get done for years has been completed in a matter of hours.

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