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Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have been having an off week. Just plain stinky. What is weird is there is no reason for it. Maybe I am about to get sick. I feel healthy enough, I just have no desire to put any extra effort into anything. Right now, I should be jumping for joy. Audrey is sleeping and Dallin asked me if he could take a nap too (He must have been super tired he fell asleep within seconds). I've had a solid hour of peace and quiet...shouldn't I feel giddy, shouldn't I be running through the fields singing from the top of my lungs, I am free, I am free??? Nope, not today, I just don't have the will to be happy. Oh well, I should at least get off my lazy bum and get some laundry folded. Maybe I'll feel like skipping through the daisies tomorrow.

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jenny said...

It seems like yesterday was just a yucky day all around. You are not the only one in the dumps. Today will be better. Right???