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Monday, October 30, 2006

Craft Lady Club

For the last few months my friend Susan and I have been meeting once a week with this amazingly talented woman named Ethel. She has been teaching us how to be "crafty". We have done some neat projects...scrapbooking, knitting, beading, and most recently she has been teaching us how to sew. We decided to make our kids Halloween costumes. We finally finished them on Friday, and can I say how proud I am. My kids have the coolest costumes ever, especially Anna's. I hand made the beads on her costume. She is "Cleopatra" Dallin is a mummy and Elizabeth wanted to be a "pretty" witch. I have learned a lot about sewing and hope to make some stockings for Christmas. We have officially named ourselves the "Craft Lady Club." (My brother-in-law, Marshall actually named us this in a mocking way I think, but we love it, and its going to stick). Here are some pictures from Saturday I took right before we went to a super cool Halloween party at our friend's house.


Aunt Judy said...

Where are the pictures? I'm dying to see them. That's wonderful you're making time to learn and have fun. Enjoy!

jenny said...

That is so neat! I want a craft lady club! That is such a great idea! ANd a great idea for an enrichment activity too! I wish I were on the committee again! I want to see those awesome costumes! I feel like a heel, I just bought my kids'.

cyndi said...

Where's Dallin? The girls look really cute.