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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It has been a hectic May for the Roger's Family. First, Dallin's finger and then the girl's surgery. Thankfully both Elizabeth and Anna are almost back to normal. Anna is back in school today...YEAH! The surgeries went really well. Better than I thought they would. The girls were such troopers at the surgery center. The only time Elizabeth got upset was when they put her in the hospital nightgown...she thought she looked "really studpid." We thought she looked adorable, so of course we had to take pictures. The picture of Anna is right before they took her back for surgery, the medicines had kicked in and she was as high as a kite, which of course we thought was hilarious. The day after surgery was really rough, the girls did not want to drink or eat anything and they both almost ended up back in the hospital with dehydration. But we forced them to suck on popcicles, and their fevers finally started to come down. All in all, I would say the surgery was worth it, the girls are feeling great and hopefully they will not get strep throat as often.
Now we just have the pending arrival of Audrey to look forward to...only 7 more weeks to go!


jenny said...

What a crazy life you lead!!! You deserve a medal! I hope things slow down for you soon!

cyndi said...

That picture of Elizabeth is great. Poor thing.