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Friday, May 12, 2006

Dallin's Big Finger

It has been a crazy week! For those of you who haven't heard Dallin tried to chop off his finger last Saturday, and almost succeeded! We were doing the "Lord's Work," cleaning our chapel. I was in the foyer, Jeff was in the Ladies Restroom, the kids were playing in the gym. All of a sudden Anna came running down the hall holding Dallin's hand up in the air, screaming at the top of her lungs..."MOM DALLIN CHOPPED HIS FINGER OFF, DALLIN CHOPPED HIS FINGER OFF ..." She was hysterical. There was blood everywhere, all over her, all over Dallin. When I saw his finger I almost fainted. He had gotten the tip of his right index finger caught in the big gym door on the hinge side. It was disgusting. I thought for sure he was going to loose the tip of his finger. We made it to the hospital in record time. They took care of Dallin immediately...It is amazing how quickly they will see you in the ER if you come in with blood all over you, your husband and a three year old, no waiting room for us. Dallin acted like such a trooper, he never even cried. The doctor said he was in shock. Dallin actually fell asleep while we were waiting for them to give him a nerve block, which I had to leave the room for, the needle was HUGE!!! After the nerve block they x-rayed him and luckily the cut did not go through the bone. He did end up with 5 stitches, 2 of which were in the nail bed where they had to remove the entire nail (I had to leave the room for that part too). We saw a surgeon on Wednesday and he does not need surgery. He said Dallin will probably never get feeling back in the tip of his finger because the cut severed the nerve completely, and his nail will grow back deformed, but we were so relieved that his finger was intact a deformed finger nail sounded pretty good to me! Isn't parenthood joyfull?? I think the thing that struck me the most was how upset Anna and Elizabeth were, they were so scared for Dallin. All day long they taunt, tease, and beat each other up, but the second one of them is in real trouble the tears flow and the heads bow for prayer. I know Heavenly Father heard their prayers, and what is even cooler, is the girls know it. Dallin is doing great, infact he is having the time of his life showing everyone his "big finger".

Now we just have the girls surgery to look forward to. They are both having their tonsils and adnoids out next Tuesday. After them both having strep throat four times since January, I am looking forward to less sickness next year.


Jeff said...

Actually it was 6 stiches. 3 in the nailbed, 2 on one side and one on the other. The other thing is that I had mentioned in the emergency room that Dallin was cut to the bone and that it was exposed. You have to mention bone exposed to get rushed back to triage.

Nicole said...

Jeff, you would know better than me, I was such a mess, I couldn't even hold my son's hand while they stiched his finger closed.