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Monday, February 10, 2014

New York, New York!

For Christmas, Jeff gave Anna and I a weekend trip to New York with our good friends, Jill and Abbey Whitaker.  It was a great surprise and an even greater trip.  Despite the cold we had the time of our lives!

It was Anna's first time to New York and we loved seeing her reactions and excitement.  Her absolute favorite part of the whole trip was riding the subways.  It was hilarious!  

Jill and Abbey are New York pro's so it was fun to have their expertise, we hardly got lost at all!  Abbey impressed us with her sense of direction and her amazing memory, she always got us to the right place!  I am determined to learn my way around that city.  I need to get there more often.

We jammed a lot of sight seeing into two days.  Friday we saw Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Plaza, the whole city at sunset from the Top of the Rock, St Patricks Cathedral, 5th Avenue, and F.A.O. Schwartz. Friday night we had tickets to see Newsies.  It was a fun show!  We really enjoyed the choreography, the dancing was amazing.  Anna especially like the boys who took their shirts off.  Ha!  (She must be 15).

Our hotel was right in the middle of Times Square, which was so convenient!  It was exciting to be in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.  

On Saturday we headed toward Central Park and had fun seeing all the fanciness of Park Avenue.  We grabbed a really yummy bagel and then spent as much time as we could in the MET.  

The MET was my favorite part of the whole trip.  What an amazing museum.  I could have spent days in there and still not have seen everything I wanted to see.  Our favorite exhibits were the impressionists and the weapon displays.  Who knew guns and armor could be works of art?  

The weather was miserable outside, cold and snowing, so a cab ride back to Times Square made the most sense.  The cab ride was heaven sent.  Not only did we get a glorious drive by glance of the Manhattan Temple, it allowed us to have enough time to eat at an amazing restaurant...Yum, Yum Thai!  Thai is my favorite! 

We ended the trip with an adventure to find Cannoli's in New Jersey.  We wanted to bring back a treat as a thank you to the guys.  They were good Cannoli's, totally worth getting lost.  

What a great weekend!  

I love New York.  I could live there, really I could.  


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