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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Jeff!

Jeff's favorite holiday of all time is Halloween.  He is such a big kid when it comes to all things scary and spooky.  He starts begging me to go into the big Halloween stores the second they make their appearance.  He makes me watch scary movies and adds scary ring tones to his phone.  I have been woken up more than once this month to a loud, dripping with scare voice saying...."Happy Halloween, you have a text message, ha ha ha."  He e-mails me links to scary glow in the dark contact lenses and realistic vampire teeth.  He takes twice as long to go grocery shopping because he spends forever looking down the Halloween isles at a store.  He does not like "corny" Halloween.  He would not be caught dead in a matchy, matchy costume like this...   
(Although this one makes me giggle like crazy...)

He wishes I would let him go trick or treating looking like this....


One of my first up close and in person memories of Jeff is of eating at Denny's with my friend Courtney.  She talked me into going to hang out with these crazy friends of her's from the Drama club at NOVA.  They had just come from a haunted trail they were helping with for the county.  We walked into the restaurant and I almost ran away...it was scary.  There were 10 or so guys dressed up in Halloween make up that looked like the picture above.  Skeletons, zombies, and monsters...oh my!  Their skin was hanging, blood was dripping, eyeballs were hanging from sockets, and rib cages were exposed.  Jeff was wearing a trench coat and his face was falling off!  I knew at once he would be mine....oh yes! 

Happy Halloween Jeff!  Someday when our children are a bit older, 
and less likely to wake us up all night with nightmare, after nightmare, I promise to let you find your 
inner-demon again!


Jeff said...

I LOVE YOU! And it was not a trench coat. I had meat-hooks coming out of my shoulders with strips of flesh dangling from them, and I had rib bones exposed from both sides with blood pouring out. Oh and the flesh stripped off my face exposing skull. It was a happy halloween!

Natalie said...

It's fun to catch up on your blog!!! Guess what? We are planning a trip to Maine this summer and Quinn and I are planning to come to DC for a few days!!! You up for two extra house guests? Email me!! qnthibfam@gmail.com