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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Potomac Chocolate

Last Thanksgiving Ben and Cyndi introduced my family to a new way of living...it is called chocolate snobbery. If you have had the pleasure of one of Ben and Cyndi's chocolate tastings you are a convert as well. And, probably, like us, sworn off Hershey Bars for life. The only way for me to really enjoy chocolate now is by first, having a tiny square of a beautifully designed bar broken off in front of me(it has to snap), inhaling slowly, placing the square on my tongue, and then letting the flavors of an exotic land melt in my mouth. You have to be prepared to name that flavor..."was that a hint of citrus, of tobacco?"

Yup, the only way to truly appreciate chocolate is to have a "bean to bar" experience of your own. If you are a true chocoholic (and I know who your are) then you have got to check out Ben and his friend Justin's new endeavor! They felt so passionately about bean to bar chocolate they are going to make their own! Potomac Chocolate has started brewing, soon to be, Washington DC's best (and first) bean to bar chocolate. And it is going to be fantastic! Check out their blog...here. You can follow them on their journey and like me, wish for a scratch and sniff computer screen!


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