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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What a bummer day. My kids have been HORRIBLE all day. Fighting, screaming, hitting, talking back, and of course I pretty much just yelled all day (which is my least favorite attribute). Jeff is at the church late tonight, which always seems to make them extra special grumpy. I swear they just got stinkier as the sun went down. I cannot believe it is only day two of summer break. How do normal mommy's make it through days like this??? I need a Valium (well, not really, but I sure like the IDEA of one).


jenny said...

I am ready for summer break to be over. We have gone to the water park 3 times so far, but it is really not even warm enough for them to go in the water yet... they mostly stand around wrapped in their towels and shiver. And this week I have to pack. No time to entertain. It is going to be a long one!

judy said...

Nik, maybe you could "bring out" some of your former "stay-cation" ideas. Maybe one every other day or so. It might be more difficult with the babies, but it would give the older ones something to look forward to. It's that or "summer slave labor camp"! There are the choices. :-) Good luck Sweetie