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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Fourth

My sister Cyndi and Ben came with her kids last Thursday to help us celebrate the fourth! We did 2 days in a row at the beach and had a great time...That was until fire works time.

On Saturday we did the beach early and came home to have a bbq in our backyard with all the family and my friend Ethel. We got some fireworks and sparklers and were ready to party! Unfortunately right as the kids were about to start their sparkler fun my sister Cyndi fell and hit her head...hard. What ensued was a lot of blood...A LOT, and an ambulance ride. A firetruck even showed up! It was my first time having to call 911. The kids were a mess. Although, I'm not sure if they were worried about Cyndi or sad that the fireworks had to be put on hold. In the end, Cyndi had staples put in her head, and was sent home around 2 am. Thankfully she did not have a concusion. She is doing much better now, but it was a very scary night.

I am still angry at my habiscus pot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time! I give it a piece of my mind every time I walk past it!

Cyndi decided to stay here to recover, Ben went home with two of their kids (Elise and Lori) on Sunday and left two behind (Jake and Claire). I'm not sure how much actual recovery time she had but I was so happy she was here! It only took me three tries to get over feeling sick when I had to put medicine on the staples in her head.

On Monday Jeff took ALL the kids to Ocean City to the boardwalk by himself...what a great guy. They had a ton of fun at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, (we had a free family pass) riding a few rides, playing in the sand, and scarffing up some ice cream! My nephew Jake said it was the best day of his life so far!

Last night before Cyndi left, everyone surprised me with an impromptu birthday party...my birthday is Saturday. They all pitched in and got me a new camera wooo hooo! It is water proof, sand proof, shock proof, and it's orange. I love it, we haven't had a camera that actually works in a year, it was very needed. Thanks everyone.

Summer is slipping by so fast.

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