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Friday, October 31, 2008

Merry Christmas

Oops....Wrong Holiday.

But seriously does this statement stress anyone else?

55 more days to go....


Kelly said...

Christmas doesn't stress me. I love the holidays. I love the music and yummy treats! We have tried the past few years to celebrate the real meaning of the holiday season and leave the commercial stuff behind. Since Mark deals with customers and "the crazy" people all day he likes to come home to a peaceful environment. Our gift giving focuses on homemade gifts, silly dollar store gifts or acts of service. These changes for our family has allowed me to leave the stress behind! I sure miss you when I think about the holidays. We luv you guys!

Nicole said...

That is what I want my Christmas to be like this year....Peaceful. Spiritual. I want to have hot chocolate...and play with the kids. I want to make gifts and share with them Christmas traditions. I want to enjoy having them home and feel their sweet spirits enjoying the true meaning of Christmas!